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Hitachi America, Ltd.


DVDfunSTUDIO updater for Windows Vista

Please read the following carefully


    The updater is only applicable to the followings:
    DVDfunSTUDIO version 2.2 bundled with DZ-GX20A/E, DZ-MV750A/E, DZ-MV780A/E, DZ-GX25M or DZ-MV780MA

    The updater is compatible with the following Windows Vista products.
       Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
       Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic


    • Log in as a computer administrator and close all the applications.
    • DVD Camera must be turned on and set to DVD mode(*1) using AC adapter connecting the DVD Camera with PC via USB cable. (Please refer to the instruction manual for the detail)

    *1: If you set the DVD camera to SD / CARD mode, it may not work properly.

    Download and install the updater:

    The file you are about to download is approximately 75MB.
    1. Download the updater file.
      If you want to download one big file all at once, click here
      If you want to split files to download, click here
    2. Check the file size downloaded if it matches the above description. If not, please try to download again.
    3. Make sure that DVD camera is connected with PC and turned on having set it to DVD mode.
    4. Run the updater DfSInstV26L002a.exe by double-clicking it.
    5. Follow the instructions given to complete the task.
    6. Start DVDfunSTUDIO and confirm the version, DVDfunSTUDIO 2.6(L002), is shown by going [help]>>[About DVDfunSTUDIO]


    By applying the updater, the listing in start programs will change to 'Panasonic' from 'Hitachi DVDCAM': The path to start the program will be [Start]>>[All Programs]>>[Panasonic]>>[DVDfunSTUDIO]>>[DVDfunSTUDIO]