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Hitachi America, Ltd.


DVD-MovieAlbumSE4 updater for Windows Vista

Please read the followings carefully


    • The updater is only applicable to the one of following models:

    • DVD-MovieAlbumSE4 version 4.1 bundled with DZ-GX20A/E, DZ-MV750A/E or DZ-MV780A/E.
      DVD-MovieAlbumSE4 version 4.2 bundled with DZ-GX25M or DZ-MV780MA
    • The updater is compatible with the following Windows Vista products.

    • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
      Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
      Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
      Microsoft Windows Vista Business


    • Log in as a computer administrator and close all the applications.
    • DVD-MovieAlbumSE4 from the original CD-ROM bundled with DVD camera needs to be installed prior to the updater installation.

    • (If you have already installed previously as described below, please do not uninstall and go to Download and install the updater:) Go to Windows Explorer or My computer to locate the file as below, ..\DVDMASE4\setup.exe.

      Please double-click to start the installation. Please follow the instructions given to complete the task.

    Download and install the updater:

    The file you are about to download is approximately 115MB.
    • If you want to download one big file all at once, click here

    • If you want to split files to download, click here
    • Check the file size downloaded if it matches the description. If not, please try to download again.
    • Run the updater DVD-MA45_U044I.exe by double-clicking it.
    • Follow the instructions given to complete the task.


    • By applying the updater, the listing in start programs will change to 'Panasonic' from 'Hitachi DVDCAM': The path to start the program will be [Start]>>[All Programs]>>[Panasonic]>>[DVDMovieAlbumSE]>>[DVDMovieAlbumSE]
    • Depending on a video card, the performance may vary.